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How daft is the DUP?

It’s a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is ‘pretty daft.’ After being buttered-up by British ministers on innumerable occasions since Brexit – only to

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The Bloody Stained Poppy

Ireland and the poppy

Many good friends and associates in Britain have asked why the red poppy which commemorates British military war dead generates hostility and opposition from some

Why I am marching for Gaza in London today

This afternoon I am marching in London to offer solidarity to Palestinians being murdered in their thousands by Israeli bombs supplied by their western allies.

Why does Ireland support Palestine?

People in Britain ask why the Irish are such vocal supporters of the Palestinians. In this Long Read Brian Críostoir explains the bonds of solidarity

Baker is wrong – Eastwood is right

One of the curious aspects of the Border Poll debate is how often apparently democratic commentators think it uncontroversial to propose a unionist veto in

Hilary Benn – a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Brian Críostoir is a teacher, trade unionist and activist based in Newcastle. Originally from Derry, he regularly writes on Irish politics from a emigrant perspective.   On Monday,

The language of Partitionism is fading

Partition became a reality embraced on both sides of the border by a counter-revolutionary dispensation that set out to normalise the British imposed settlement. Reflecting

Rebel Songs in a United Ireland

As conversations in Ireland progress on how and if a united Ireland is achievable, our leaders need to ensure that their positions on unification are

Cultural accommodation in the here and now

Seán Mac Cárthaigh was one of a number of people who wrote a paper on cultural accommodation presented at Féile an Phobail Belfast in August.

Quite a week for United Irelanders

Quite a week for United Irelanders Leo. Colum. Wallace. Duncan. Members of Ireland’s latest boy band? Not quite, but this quartet have been singing mellifluously