Working towards Irish Unity


About Irish Border Poll

Photo by Paul Faith/AFP via Getty Images was established to advocate for, and promote, debate and discussion about Ireland’s future and the reunification of Ireland. We aim to convince people in Britain why an Irish Border Poll is a democratic demand that people of every political persuasion and none should support.

We are guided by the values of sovereignty, self determination and dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, equality and fostering mutual respect between all political views and traditions.

We fully respect the sovereign decision of British people to exit the EU. Brexit has dramatically changed the social and political landscape in Ireland and has accelerated the already growing debate about reunification. The question of Irish unity is now firmly at the centre of Irish politics. A key aim of is to move this debate  from the margins to the centre of British politics also.

Contrary to Margaret Thatcher’s claim Northern Ireland is not as British as Finchley. British rule has always lacked widespread legitimacy there. Brexit has deepened this illegitimacy crisis because most people there desire to remain in the EU. The best way to resolve the constitutional impasse is to ask the people. We call on democrats of every persuasion and the Irish community in Britain to help us persuade the British government to set a date for a referendum on Irish unity.

We are not a political party and are not affiliated to any political party. We welcome participation from people from all political persuasions interested in furthering the goals of