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Northern Ireland at 100: the end is in sight

3 May is not just the centenary of Northern Ireland; it is also the centenary of the United Kingdom in its current form. Prime minister Boris Johnson is keen to assure today’s Unionists that he will be celebrating the centenary, but whether they will join him is up for debate. A poll for BBC Northern […]

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Why Brexiters should support Irish unification

Originally published on spiked. Britain’s union with Northern Ireland limits the sovereignty of Brits and Irish alike. Brexit represents a seismic moment in modern British history. Withdrawing from the EU has put democracy and popular sovereignty front and centre of British politics. Brexit presents the British people with an opportunity to make their state more accountable […]


The beginning of the end of Northern Ireland?

Originally published on spiked. Northern Irish politics is shifting decisively in favour of Irish unity. Have we reached the beginning of the end of the union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain? Last week, University College London’s Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland announced that it will start asking residents of Northern Ireland […]