Working towards Irish Unity




Border Poll Conversation with Rev Karen Sethuraman

Welcome to’s third ‘Border Poll Conversations’ video podcast. We chat to interesting people with interesting things to say about constitutional change, border polls, the future of the Union and a United Ireland.

On June 15th thousands will fill the SSE Arena in Belfast for the latest ‘Ireland’s Future – Pathway To Change’ conference. It promises to be an impressive event with a wide galaxy of varied speakers filling political panels, expert panels and people’s panels. With June 15th in mind, who better to join our latest podcast than Ireland’s Future board member Karen Sethuraman to tell us more?

Her heroes are the 16th century Anabaptists of the Radical Reformation. She was born and reared in East Belfast and is Ireland’s only female Baptist minister. She is passionate about peace, reconciliation, social justice, gender equality and Irish Unity. A more engaging and upbeat person than Karen you’re unlikely to meet. We talked about all of the above as well as the looming British General Election and its possible impact in moving a Border Poll closer.