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Border Poll Conversation with John Alderdice: Is The Trajectory Irish Unity?

Welcome to’s first ever ‘Border Poll Conversations’ video podcast, a new regular feature. We chat to interesting people with interesting things to say about constitutional change, border polls, the future of the Union and a United Ireland.

For our first Border Poll Conversation we talk to John Alderdice, former leader of the Alliance Party and now Lord Alderdice.

Listen for yourself – but it sounds like he has moved from his previous Pro-Union position to being now open minded on the Irish Unity question. He explains why he thinks the British are emotionally detached from the union with Northern Ireland – “The British government wants rid of Northern Ireland. Their biggest problem is how to convince the Irish Government”.

When asked if Naomi Long and the Alliance party need to get off the fence and take a position on the constitutional question, he responds – “When Alliance are given a serious offer” they will take a position on the Unity question. But he adds – United Irelanders have yet to make a serious offer. So, is the onus on United Irelanders to put a credible offer on the table before expecting Alliance to take a position on the Unity question?

Listen to the conversation and let us know your thoughts.