Working towards Irish Unity




Debating irish unity and the state of the union

As in association with the Academy of Ideas prepares to debate the Irish border and state of the union at the Battle of Ideas festival on Sunday 10th October, we thought this an opportune moment to introduce you to our previous debate for those who have not yet seen it. This featured unionist Peter Cardwell and academic Colin Harvey of Ireland’s Future.

One hundred years since Ireland was partitioned and Northern Ireland established Peter Cardwell and Colin Harvey discussed Irish Unity. Should we wish Northern Ireland Happy Birthday, or hope it never reaches its 110th birthday?

Peter Cardwell hails from North Armagh. He is a conservative and unionist political commentator, former special adviser to two Secretaries of State for Northern Ireland and author of The Secret Lives of Special Advisers.

Colin Harvey is a Professor of Human Rights Law in the School of Law, Queen`s University Belfast, a fellow of the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Justice, and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Irish Studies. He is a member of the Management Board of Ireland’s Future.